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Tips for Job Interview:

To start with, employee can do a bit of research on the business before the interview & a brief background about the firm’s history.

1. Get a handful knowledge:

It is very important that you are aware about your field & the background since it is certain that you are going to be asked specific questions related to your topic & work. So please make sure, that you have done your homework and are updated with the latest technology & surrounding events.

2. Practice your answers:

As such there is no typical format that, every job interview follows but there few questions which one can almost guarantee crop up. One can prepare answers for some of the most common questions to be asked such as your personal strengths & weaknesses as well as being able to state why you would be the best person for the job etc.

3. Look for the part:

First impression is the last impression. Dress code is not major criteria in a person’s selection for the job but one must dress up appropriately in order to be presentable for the interview.

4. Be calm & focused:

Good preparation is a basic key to remain calm. Plan your route with the extra time allotted for any sort of delays. Along with that the required documents are to be filed in. Be sure you wear the most important dress i.e. your smile. Smile works wonders. It eases the atmosphere.

5. Raise your doubts or questions:

One must remember that, he/she should always have some questions for your interviewer in order to demonstrate your interest in the position you have applied for. One can ask questions where in one gets to know more about the job & a few which dig deep into the culture & goals of the company.


At the end of the interview, do not forget to thank the interviewers for their time, request for a business card & shake hands in closing.


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